COVID-19 Latest News
In line with Government Guidance and guidance from the Methodist Church, we have been looking at what actions we need to take to reopen our buildings for Worship and more general community activities. There remain many restrictions on what can take place both in terms of Worship and community activities. If you attend activities held on our premises it is suggested you contact the leader(s) of the particular group for more information on when their activities might resume and/or what restrictions might be in place.

To prepare for reopening we have, in accordance with guidance, produced:

- a Reopening Buildings Checklist
- a Risk Assessment for reopening the Church building
- a Risk Assessment for reopening the Community Hall
- an Action Plan for reopening
- a letter for Church members about reopening for Worship
- a document setting out COVID-19 requirements for Community Hall users
- a letter for Church organisations using the Community Hall
- a letter for regular hirers (Licencees) of the Community Hall
- copies of the Standard Licence Agreement and the Template Booking Form for regular and one-off hirers of the Hall

If you would like to view these please click on the appropriate link.

We are planning to reopen the Church and Community Hall from 7 September, but, as stated above, this does not mean all activities will resume from that date and you are advised to contact the leader(s) of particular groups for more information on their plans to restart.

We will publish more information as and when it becomes available but in the meantime if you would like further information please email the Church Office on